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5 Things You Need to Know to Dress up as Elvis this Halloween

The first thing to consider when dressing up as Elvis is the clothes. Whether you decide to go as an early era Elvis or a later/ Las Vegas style Elvis, there are many sources for suitable costumes. If you choose the clean cut Elvis of his first collaboration with RCA a good slightly oversized suit jacket with a skinny tie can be the main elements of the costume. If you decide that youÕd like to be the later Las Vegas style Elvis, a good white jumpsuit with some glass jewels sewn on will certainly accomplish this goal with panache. ItÕs even better if you have a lot of chest hair to expose with a deep v-neck in the front. If not, you might consider a chest wig. One of the most defining characteristics of Elvis was his attitude. If youÕre going to embody the King for a night, you must consider a few key pieces of his persona. He was above all a sex symbol, so you must cultivate a sheepish sexy grin that entices everyone into worshipping at your feet. If you can grin with one half of your mouth, youÕre well on your way. The slicked pompadour that was his trademark style will help a lot. If you canÕt get your hair to take that shape, or donÕt want to bother, you can find Elvis wigs online.

Once you consider that ElvisÕ appeal was based generally in his attitude, you must then look at his physical expression. His stance and dance moves, and how that swagger of his encouraged everyone since to embody a looser and more casual confidence. His most popular full bodied photos show him always with his legs spread wide. He would often dance in this position and while it helped to ground him and keep his balance, the point of it was that it was highly sexualized.

The most important fact about Elvis and his success was undoubtedly his music and his velvety voice. While itÕs not a requirement that you take on someoneÕs persona when you dress like them, it certainly can make an evening more fun. Listen to ElvisÕ recordings and search for video clips online. If you can croon at least one line from one of his most popular songs, youÕre sure to be the hit of the party.

The finishing touch on your Elvis getup, will have to be the faces that he made. A good standard is looking up with your head angled down. This forces you to raise your eyebrows and look questioningly up at someone. Practice the half grin that came so naturally to him and flare your nostrils slightly if you can. The desired effect is one of sexual suggestion and sheepish naivete, the combination of which is irresistible to any woman. At the end of your successful party performance, you must honor the guests with a final head-hung face- completely-loose, and hair falling out by this point, ÒThank you very muchÓ

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