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7 Steps To Creating Your Very Own Circus Costumes


Step 1
Decide on a theme for your circus, because as you know not all circusÕs look alike. Are you going for that classic clown style circus, for a throwback to ancient circuses, or maybe for some futuristic circus no one has ever seen before? You need to figure out what the inspiration behind your Circus is. Is it a certain time in history that is inspiring you, a place, a certain style? The reason you are deciding this is because the color scheme of your costumeÕs depend on it. So in the end your first step really is coming up with a color scheme for your costumes.

Step 2
The next question is, will you be able to use extra clothes that you already own to make the costumes? This is by far the easiest way to do it if you have the extra clothes. All of the clothing for your circus-eeÕs should be tight fitting to it doesnÕt inhibit movement. If you cant find the necessary clothing in your basement or closet you have to buckle down and head to the closet costume/fabric shop.

Now its time to get creative! You are going to be making changes to the items you have. I am not talking about huge changes, just painting, dying, gluing, sewing on buttons, adding patches or any other decorative changes you want. Get creative hereÉthis is the soul of your costume!

Step 4
Now its time to Accessorize! You need to add jewelry and props that are bold enough tot be seen from the audience. You can use bright and shiny hats, belts, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earings, scarves, shoes, Clown Wigs or even false eyelashes. Please note that all of the above should be very well adhered so the wont come off or interfere during the performance!

Step 5
Make up and hair are what ties it all together. Your circus performers should at the very least wear basic foundation make up to make their facial features visible from the audience. If you want to go really deep you can do exotic clown style make up and even body paint!

Step 6
Now that your all suited up, be sure that the performance doesnÕt get blown on opening night, Or Opening day for that matter. You must have a dress rehearsal afer you make the costumes to be sure that they will work for the act. You may need to alter some of the costumes to better fit the performers.

Step 7

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