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8 Things you need to know to dress up as the Las Vegas Era Elvis

1- Jumpsuit If you are going to dress up as a Las Vegas era Elvis, you absolutely must wear a jumpsuit. While he wore many different jumpsuits during his reign as the king of rock and roll, the classic and perhaps the most memorable is the white or light colored jumpsuit with an inlaid design made with glass gems.

2- Glass inlays/designs While his were designed mostly by Bill Belew and intricately decorated, there are inexpensive versions on the internet available for purchase. The jumpsuit must have a very low v-neck in front and a strong large collar that can be flipped up in the trademark style.

3-Hair ElvisŐ hair is one of the most important aspects of his persona. The King himself used Blue-black hair color and a gel/pomade as a styling product. If your hair is straight or has a slight wave and is cut in the appropriate style (he was wearing his hair longer at this time), you can wear your hair exactly like his. If you do not want to color your hair or donŐt have the right texture, you can buy an Elvis wig online.

4-Sideburns During the sixties and seventies, when Elvis was performing in Las Vegas, his generally moderate sideburns grew quite a bit. He grew them out so that they were longer and became a more prominent feature of his face. He let them grow into the hollows of his cheeks instead of too far along his jawline. Since, some men may not be able to grow sideburns in that area of their faces, most websites that sell Elvis wigs also sell sideburns either attached or separately.

5-Chest hair Elvis may have originated the style of a deep v-neck exposing a lot of chest hair with accessories, that became a significant style choice in the sixties. He was not a man who was ashamed of his physique.

6-Jewelry Elvis was very proud of his accessories and wore his jewelry with pride. His main jeweler was Lowell Hays, and he has retained the original molds of the pieces he crafted for Elvis himself. There are many reproductions available on the web, and you can generally find cheaper versions at any accessory shop. He often wore a gold cross on a long chain around his neck and some sort of a large chunky ring like a lion or a large gold nugget with a black stone set inside.

7- Sunglasses Elvis had a trademark pair of sunglasses emblazoned with a the letters TCB on the nose piece. He also used these letters on many pieces of jewelry. They stood for TakinŐ Care oŐ Business, from a Diana Ross and The Supremes TV special. Elvis also wrote a TCB oath and is can be found online as well.

8- Scarf ElvisŐs scarf was a big part of his performing in Las Vegas. It became not only a staple of his performance costume, but he used it in dance moves as well. He also frequently gave away his scarves to lucky young ladies in the audience. This is a perfect final touch to end your evening as The ŇKingÓ- give your white silk scarf to one of your adoring fans!

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