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Marilyn Monroe Wigs: The Classic Marilyn

Blonde Marilyn Monroe Wig
JFK Marilyn
1960's Marilyn
Blonde Marilyn
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Marilyn Monroe Wigs

There are few actresses more iconic and loved than Ms. Marilyn Monroe. Now, with our selection of Marilyn Monroe wigs in her most famous hairstyles, you can become the beloved leading lady. Whether you'd like to channel the Marilyn look when she was rumored to be seeing John F. Kennedy, or the classic '60s Marilyn, we have a Marilyn Monroe wig on sale that will fit your decision.

All of our Marilyn Monroe wigs come in the classic platinum blonde which made the actress so recognizable. A Marilyn Monroe costume is one of the most popular choices for ladies every Halloween. Once you find the perfect white halter dress or bright pink gown to wear, top it off with our life-like Marilyn Monroe wigs.

Each Marilyn Monroe wig on sale comes in a variety of blondes so you can choose the shade which fits you best. Of course, a true Marilyn impersonator will always choose her Marilyn Monroe wigs in platinum.

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