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Make Your Own Elvis Costume

Not sure what you want to be this halloween? Designing your own Elvis Presley costume is a blast and it can be inexpensive too! We will walk you step by step through how to put together Elvis's famed stage attire, but the ways of making an Elvis Presley costume are endless! Pick any era of the king from jailhouse rock to the good old fashioned hound dog Elvis!

Lets begin with his jacket, this is the hardest part to an Elvis Costume. If you have a great suit jacket then this will be perfect, you may just need to have it altered a bit! If your really feeling like getting Elvis back in the building then you want to sew this jacket yourself out of a suede style fabric. Elvis' jacket was always tucked into his pants and left unbuttoned. If its your own suit, you will have to remove the front flaps of the jacket. Elvis always left his sleeves undone so that he could easily move his arms. You'll also want to shape the collar so that it makes that classic popped out look around your face. Do this by lifting it up from the fold and using a small paperclip around the bottom of the neck area. You can decorate the jacket with pins! Elvis always wore a plain tee-shirt under his jacket, either white, red, blue, purple, yellow, or black!

The best place to find slacks for your Elvis Presley costume is at a neighborhood thrift shop! You are looking for tight-fitting, white pants! You want to cut the hems at the bottom as to create the classic Elvis bell-bottom effect! The next thing to add to our elvis costume is a belt. Your belt should have a large buckle and should match your jackets color! Now comes the fun, Elvis Shoes! You want pointed black shoes, and a high heel would also add to the costume!

One of the most fun parts to an elvis costume is the hair! If you have long hair and long sideburns then you can use gel to style it! If not, Elvis Wigs are cheap and easy to find online. If you are styling your hair to look like Elvis's use gel and slick it up into a pompadour!

If you really want to bring your elvis costume to the next level, kick it up a notch with sunglasses, watch, guitar or even a microphone stand! The more time you put in, the more likely you will win best costume at your halloween costume party!

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