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Teased Curly Wig
1960s Ladies Wig
Short Spitcurl
Courtney Wig
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60s Flip
1960s Wig
Blonde 60s Wig
Blonde Flip Wig
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Men's Hippie Wig
Sixties Wig
Cher Wig
Long Cher Wig
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1960's Straight Hair Cher Wig
Glittery Cher Wig
Sonny Wig
Long Hair Beehive Wig
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Ginger Gilligans Island Wig
1960's Barbara Streisand Wig
Jackie Kennedy Wig
Gidget Wig
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Hippie Wig
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1960's Wigs

The 1960s were a fabulous time for hair, as is reflected in our large variety of 1960s wigs. The long, straight hippie 60s wigs were a popular style at the time, but the short flip made famous by Florence Henderson was also a great look. Our groovy wigs inspired by the '60s show the vast array of styles popular during the decade. We even have 1960s wigs for men so they can enjoy the long, shaggy hippie look.

More famous styles of 60s wigs include Cher's curly locks, Gidget's cute beehive bob, and anything that's been flat ironed. At My Costume Wigs we have a huge amount of groovy wigs to bring out the flower child in you. This Halloween, dust off your bell bottoms, bring out your peace signs and top it all off with some of our life-like 1960s wigs. They're the perfect choice for the hippie in all of us!

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