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The 1970s - Step Back In Time With These Wigs!

Carol Brady
Shag Wig
Feathered Farrah
Farrah 2 Wig
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Fancy Beatles
Jim Morrison
Dancing Queen Wig
Blonde 70s Wig
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Disco Wig
70's Mullet Wig
Elvis Long Mullet
Andy Warhol Wig
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1970's Wigs

The '70s were a very retro decade, and our 70s wigs are the perfect choice for any theme party or Halloween bash. No matter what style of 70s wig you're looking for, you're bound to find it at My Costume Wigs. The '70s were when Farrah Fawcett debuted her signature feathered hairstyle, and our Farrah 1970s wigs are very popular.

In addition, the Carol Brady short flip was a classic style among women, and the Beatles shag haircut was a must-have for men. Other 70s wig styles we have include the gray, chin-length Andy Warhol and Elvis' long, black mullet. We have one of the best selection of 70s wigs on the web, including natural looking afros and waist-length hair. Become your favorite Charlie's Angel this Halloween with one of our many 1970s wigs. All of our 70s wigs come in a variety of shades to help complete any costume you choose.

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