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1980s Mullet Wig
1980s Wig
80s Wig
Jem and the Holograms Wig
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Madonna 80s Wig
Men's 80s Wig
Flat Top Afro
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1980s Wigs

When it comes to 80's wigs, the bigger the better. The 1980s were all about teased and ratted hair, and our 80's wigs will make you look like you used an entire can of Aqua Net on your head. If you're looking for some ideas for some cool 1980s wigs and costumes, check out our Jem and the Holograms pink style.

It also comes in other colors, depending on your mood. Another great choice for 80's wigs is anything Madonna related. The Material Girl's bleach blonde shaggy haircut was instantly recognizable to her fans. For men, cool 1980s wigs and costumes include the members of Flock of Seagulls and Lionel Richie, which can be pulled off perfectly with our flat top afro wig. If you decide to rock 80's wigs, make sure you have the outfit to go along with it and throw on some leg warmers, day-glo t-shirts and Members Only jackets.

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