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Deluxe Afro Wig
Huge Natural Afro Wig
Flat Top Afro
Retail Price:$39.00
Sale Price:$28.00
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Retail Price:$68.00
Sale Price:$47.00
You Save 31%
Retail Price:$36.00
Sale Price:$24.00
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Retail Price:$47.00
Sale Price:$38.00
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Medium Afro Wig
Short Afro Wig
Jumbo Afro Wig
Afro Puff Wig
Retail Price:$26.00
Sale Price:$17.00
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Retail Price:$37.00
Sale Price:$19.00
You Save 49%
Retail Price:$35.00
Sale Price:$25.00
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Retail Price:$33.00
Sale Price:$20.00
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Mister T Wig
Buckwheat Afro Wig
Don King Wig
Blonde Afro
Retail Price:$37.00
Sale Price:$25.00
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Retail Price:$31.00
Sale Price:$20.00
You Save 35%
Retail Price:$29.00
Sale Price:$19.00
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Retail Price:$38.00
Sale Price:$23.00
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Rainbow Afro Wig
Afro Kinky Wig
Red White and Blue Afro Wig
Retail Price:$40.00
Sale Price:$30.00
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Retail Price:$36.00
Sale Price:$28.00
You Save 22%
Retail Price:$42.00
Sale Price:$30.00
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Afro Wigs

At My Costume Wigs, our vast array of afro wigs is the perfect way to get funky this Halloween! Whether you're looking for a shorter, more tame afro wig or something a little more free and natural, all of our afro wigs come in great prices you're sure to afford. Many of our afro wigs come in a variety of colors, including rainbow colors for anyone who's interested in being a funky clown. Channel Buckwheat or Mr. T with an afro wig in their specific hairstyles. We have great prices for all of our afro wigs whether you're looking for one for Halloween or a professional one for a theatre production. With the popularity of anime cartoons like Black Dynamite and Afro Samurai, afro wigs are sure to be a bestseller this year. For ladies, Pam Grier and Foxxy Cleopatra are perfect costume choices which utilize an afro wig. Flash back to the '70s with any of our afro wigs.

The afro hairstyle first became popular among African-Americans during the 1960s. During slavery in the United States, blacks would often braid or straighten their hair in an attempt to have it fit the European ideal of beauty more closely. In the 1960s, it was with the rise of the civil rights movement that the afro style was first widely seen. This was an attempt by African-Americans to embrace African ideals of beauty, which emphasized free flowing hair. The afro was a difficult style to maintain on one's own, and often required the help of friends or beauty professionals to get it to stay in place.

With one of our afro wigs at great prices, you don't have to spend hours picking out your hair. You can groove on back to the 1960s with an afro wig, much like members of the Jackson 5 or the Black Panther party. Afro wigs are great for costumes, but they're also great for every day. Many African-American celebrities have been spotted wearing afro wigs, from Lauryn Hill to Lenny Kravitz. An afro wig can help you embrace the black culture through your style, and can also be really fun to wear. Both men and women can sport afro wigs, so don't be shy!

If you're purchasing an afro wig from My Costume Wigs, we suggest buying a wig cap to go along with it. A wig cap can help your afro wig stay in place no matter what you're doing, be it dancing the night away or simply hanging out.

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