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Bob Wigs

The bob haircut was first made popular in the 1920s by actresses such as Joan Crawford and Clara Bow, and at we have a great variety of bob wigs for any occasion. The hairstyle proved to be such a dramatic change from the longer hair of the time that F. Scott Fitzgerald even wrote a short story about it. Thankfully, the bob wig isn't anything too crazy today, and with our selection you're sure to find just the right bob wig for whatever situation. At we're proud to have a number of different bob wigs in all sorts of colors. Many ladies find a cute bob wig is a great way to change their hairstyle without actually getting any scissors involved! Browse our selection of bob wigs for a new hairdo to wear next time you have a night out on the town - they're perfect for bars and bachelorette parties.

Traditionally, Western women have worn their hair in longer styles. Although there were a few women in early history that sported short hairdos, they were typically actresses, and the hairstyles were considered inappropriate at the time. It wasn't until around 1915, when women were brought in to the workforce due to World War I that short hair became more acceptable, and this was only because long hair became inconvenient when working around machinery. The bob cut, a straight cut ending at jaw-level, first became popular in 1920. Even then many people still considered it shocking.

Although short hair isn't nearly as scandalous today, you can still shock your friends when you try out one of our bob wigs. has a great selection of bob wigs in blonde, brown and every color of the rainbow. Recently, stars like Nicki Minaj have brought the bob wig back in to the spotlight, giving it a new twist with candy colors such as mint and cotton candy. Many women think about cutting their hair in a cute, short style, but are often too nervous to do so. With one of our bob wigs you can have the short style you want without having to chop off all your hair.

Many starlets have brought the bob cut back in to style throughout the years. One of the most notable is Uma Thurman's character in Pulp Fiction, who wore a black bob. For a great Halloween costume, grab one of our black bob wigs and get ready to dance the night like Uma. is the place to go for a bob wig or any other style you need.

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