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Whoopi Dredlock Wig
Rasta Dreadlock Wig
Short Dreaded Wig
Classic Dreadlocks Wig
Retail Price:$55.00
Sale Price:$38.00
You Save 31%
Retail Price:$49.00
Sale Price:$17.99
You Save 63%
Retail Price:$48.00
Sale Price:$29.00
You Save 40%
Retail Price:$38.00
Sale Price:$19.00
You Save 50%
Rainbow Dread Lock Wig
Original Dredlocks
Short Dreadlock Wig
Tommy Lee Dreadlocks
Retail Price:$45.00
Sale Price:$27.00
You Save 40%
Retail Price:$36.00
Sale Price:$22.00
You Save 39%
Retail Price:$38.00
Sale Price:$20.00
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Retail Price:$31.00
Sale Price:$20.00
You Save 35%
Dredlock Wig
Corn Row Wig
Dreadlock Hat Wig
Special Dredlock Hat Wig
Retail Price:$68.00
Sale Price:$41.00
You Save 40%
Retail Price:$27.00
Sale Price:$21.00
You Save 22%
Retail Price:$57.00
Sale Price:$40.00
You Save 30%
Retail Price:$35.00
Sale Price:$20.00
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Braided Dreadlock Wig
Stevie Wonder Wig
Dreadlock Wig - Deluxe
Thick Braided Dreadlock
Retail Price:$27.00
Sale Price:$20.00
You Save 26%
Retail Price:$67.00
Sale Price:$47.00
You Save 30%
Retail Price:$61.00
Sale Price:$42.00
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Retail Price:$47.00
Sale Price:$23.00
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Tightly Braided Dread
Williams Sisters
Retail Price:$49.00
Sale Price:$27.00
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Retail Price:$41.00
Sale Price:$23.00
You Save 44%

Dreadlock Wigs

Hey mon, what you want, you wanna wear your own Dreadlock wig this Halloween. No need to be scary, mon, just chill out and channel your inner Bob Marley in one of our dreadlock wigs. These Rasta dread wigs look so much like the real thing, you'll have everyone convinced you just got back from Jamaica, mon. Perfect for any costume occasion, Rasta Dread wigs give you everything you need to pull off that island look and feel this year. The only thing we can't send you is the sound of the Caribbean Sea lapping in the background. Add steel drums or electric guitar, and you'll have a perfect reggae costume. To get anything more authentic, you'd have to travel to Jamaica yourself. So, take it easy, mon, all it takes is a click and we'll send the Dreadlock wig of your choice directly to you, anywhere in the world.

And don't think our Dreadlock wigs can only be worn at Halloween, mon! These Rasta Dread wigs are perfect for modern theater productions! A good costume should be complete from head to toe and can make all the difference for a convincing performance! With a good Dreadlock wig, it will be easy to channel that inner pirate.

Our Dreadlock wigs come in varying styles from the very short, to the very long. We even have some in rainbow color for a little added spice. Indeed, with the variety in our selection, you could outfit an entire production in Rasta Dread wigs and not have anyone looking the same!

Real dreadlocks can take a long time to put in and even longer to take out! There is simply no need to go through all of that, mon, when you can have that genuine Jamaica look for under $50! And for far less for many of our Dreadlock wigs! No doubt, you can get your Rasta Dread wigs for less than anything else in your production! Our wigs are high quality so there will be no need fret about an audience staring at dreadful looking wigs instead of enjoying the show!

So, take heart, mon! You can rest easy, as you would if you were really on a Caribbean vacation, whether you're looking for the perfect Dreadlock wig crown for your island costume, or you're looking for an affordable way to put Rasta Dread wigs on a slew of characters for a genuine looking Jamaica production, we've got you covered, mon!

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