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Elvis Wigs

Whether you want to be All Shook Up or you are headed for Heartbreak Hotel, an Elvis wig is just the thing to complete your perfect Presley persona. Often it's the wig that really makes a costume shine, and our Elvis wigs will help you stand out in a crowd. We have a selection of over 15 different Elvis wigs, ranging from bargain wigs for under $20, to an amazing, life-like Elvis wig made from real human hair. Our Elvis wigs span the decades of his career, from his 1950s pompadour to his more diminutive '70s 'do. Kids can also get in on Elvis hysteria with our child-sized Elvis wig. To really achieve the perfect Elvis look, pick up some of our Elvis sideburns as well. Mr. Presley's legendary sideburns were a signature part of his look and go great with any of our Elvis wigs. With your blue suede shoes on bottom, and an Elvis wig from My Costume Wigs, you'll rock every party this year!

Many people are surprised to find that Mr. Presley's natural hair color was a dark brown, not the jet black he's so well known for. Elvis began dying his hair black in the 1950s so it would show up better in film. In order to hold his perfect pompadour in place, he would use at least three different hair products, including a wax to give it that greasy look. Thankfully, you don't have to go to all that trouble when you buy one of our Elvis wigs! We do all the hard part for you! There'll be no dying or styling in your future with a realistic Elvis wig from My Costume Wigs.

In the '70s, Elvis maintained his signature pompadour, but let the length grow longer, keeping up with the current trends. It was at this time his sideburns were the largest, so if you're dressing up as Elvis in 1970 you'll want to grab some sideburns to go along with that Elvis wig. Many Elvis fans use our Elvis wigs when going to visit the home of The King in Memphis, Tennessee. Show everyone what a huge Elvis fan you are, and get his hairstyle just right through the use of a high quality Elvis wig from My Costume Wigs.

Our prices are so low, that you'll have plenty of cash left for as many fried PB& B sandwiches as you can handle. Plus, any orders over $70 receive free shipping, so feel free to go all out when putting together your Elvis costume. You ain't nothing but a hound dog if you don't get your Elvis wig from!

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