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Fake Mustaches & Beards

At My Costume Wigs you can find a wide variety of fake mustaches and fake beards to complete any costume. Both our fake mustaches and fake beards are made from either high quality synthetic fiber or even real human hair.

All of our costume beard, moustaches are applied using spirit gum and should last for approximately 8-12 hours. That gives you plenty of time to spend dancing the night away at your next Halloween bash! In our fake mustaches section you can find famous mustaches, such as Hitler and Charlie Chaplin, as well as mustaches of different ethnic varieties, such as the Fu Manchu and the Greek moustache.

Our long and curly Viking mustache is perfect for dressing up as a Norseman. Our selection of fake beards is parallel to none, and you'll even find fake chest hair! On top of that we have fake beards in every style and color to match either your natural hair or any wig you choose.

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