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Poison Ivy Wig
The Joker Costume Wig
Dark Knight Joker
Harvey Two Face Costume Wig
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Retail Price:$57.00
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The Penguin  Wig - Batman
The Riddler Wig
Retail Price:$32.00
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Retail Price:$39.00
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Batman Wigs

Ensure the Dark Knight rises again this Halloween with our great selection of Batman wigs! We have two different versions of the Joker wig, one of the most popular costumes every Halloween. If you're female, you should be itching to check out our high quality Poison Ivy wig.

Men have a few more choices when it comes to Batman wigs. Our Penguin wig was modeled after Danny Devito's portrayal of the villain in the film "Batman Returns." All of these wigs come at great prices and fit all sizes. Every one of our Batman wigs is fully adjustable so they can be worn by children and adults.

We also have Batman wigs for The Riddler and Harvey Two-Face, both of which can be yours for less than $30. Paint your face white and throw on a green jumpsuit in order to easily become The Riddler this Halloween. Since all of these wigs come at great prices and fit all sizes you can afford to buy all of your favorites.

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