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Geisha Wigs

Are you feeling like something a little mysterious and sensual this Halloween? Bring the sexy, secretive side of the Orient to your Halloween party this year. Our Geisha wigs have the luxurious look and feel of the mysterious Japanese companionship women. You'll drive your favorite Samurai (and all the other men at the party) wild when you enter the room in your Geisha wig. Many come complete with traditional Japanese hair accessories. All you need to complete your costume is a colorful kimono, white and black face paint, and lipstick. Or, if you prefer, your Geisha wig is perfect by itself to give you the look and feel of a traditional Japanese woman. We have the best prices and fastest shipping this side of Japan. Simply click on the Geisha wig of your choice, and we will deliver straight to your home or office faster than you can say, "Chopsticks."

Geisha was first created in Japan around the year 600, but the emergence of the popular Geisha we know of today was in the 18th century. Geisha were trained to entertain, and most had specialized talents, be it singing, dancing, acting or playing an instrument. The training of a Geisha often started at as young as three years old, when young girls will watch full-fledged Geisha in their day to day life in order to gain knowledge of the profession. Geisha learn things like the art of conversation so that they are equipped to speak with the powerful men who hire them.

While you won't have to go through years of training to wear one of our Geisha wigs, you will appear to have. Each of our Geisha wigs are fully adjustable and made of the highest quality costume fiber, so it will keep its shape for years. Geisha literally translates to "entertainer," and with a Geisha wig from My Costume Wigs you're sure to entertain anyone lucky enough to come in to contact with you. A Geisha wig is makes the perfect Oriental costume, and looks great on all women. Add flowers or other accoutrements to your Geisha wig to truly make it your own.

We have a great selection of Geisha wigs, some for under $20! If you're interested in one of our more expensive Geisha wigs, you should know we offer free shipping for any order over $70, and our orders ship faster than a traditional tea ceremony.

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