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Jesus Beards

Whether you're looking for a heavenly costume for a holiday often associated with that "other" place or looking to finish off your costume for the Easter Passion Play or other religious event, our Jesus wig and beard completes the costume for anyone wanting to dress as the King of Kings. All you'll need to add to your Jesus wig and Jesus beard is a robe and sandals. In addition to costume events, your Jesus wig and beard is perfect for adding color to Sunday School, illustrated sermons, and any other event where you might want to depict the Savior. Best of all, you won't need to move Heaven and earth to get your Jesus wig. Just one simple click of the mouse and your Jesus wig and beard can be delivered right to your door in time for you to bring a little taste of Heaven to any costume event.

A Jesus wig and beard is just the thing you need to really get the children in to the story during Sunday school. Many studies have shown kids learn better when audio and visual techniques are combined, so donning a Jesus wig and Jesus beard to really get the message across should work wonders for the little ones. We all want to teach our children of the story of Jesus and his powerful message of love and acceptance, but in these modern times it can sometimes feel difficult. Help your children really understand Jesus with a Jesus wig and beard that brings him to life.

If your church is performing an Easter play, a Jesus wig and a Jesus beard are an absolute must. Different people might have different ideas as to the true appearance of Jesus, so our Jesus wigs and beards come in slightly different styles so you can find whichever suits you best. A Jesus wig from My Costume Wigs is adjustable to fit any head, and our Jesus beards are easily attached with spirit gum. When ordering a Jesus wig and beard, be sure to pick up some spirit gum remover to make removal of the beard a cinch.

For Halloween, a Jesus costume is quite easy. All you need is a Jesus wig and beard from My Costume Wigs and a white sheet or robe. Wrap the sheet around you, belt it, throw on some sandals and you're ready to enter the pearly gates of fun!

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