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Rapunzel Costume Wig
Long Black Wig
Extremely Long Blonde Wig
Extremely Long Black Wig
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Retail Price:$49.00
Sale Price:$29.00
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Long Gray Wig
Cousin It Costume Wig
Curly Long Lady Godiva Wig
Cheap Long Blonde Wig
Retail Price:$41.00
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Retail Price:$38.00
Sale Price:$21.99
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Retail Price:$65.00
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Long Brown Wig
Long Yellow Wig
Really Long Black Wig
Long Pageboy Wig
Retail Price:$150.00
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Retail Price:$99.00
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Retail Price:$155.00
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Long Curly Blonde Wig
12 Feet -  Long Blonde Wig
Retail Price:$65.00
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Retail Price:$500.00
Sale Price:$249.00
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Long Wigs

Admit it, deep inside you've always dreamed of having hair down to your waist. Now, for the duration of your event at least, you can! Our long hair wigs are perfect for a wide variety of costuming needs. Whether you're going out trick or treating on Halloween and need long locks to complete your look, or you're just trying to channel your inner hair metal rock god, your first step is to browse our selection of long wigs. Perfect for Hippy costumes, Rock star costumes, Native American costumes, and any variety of costume needs which call for long hair. You'll make Rapunzel jealous in one of our long hair wigs. You could just grow your hair out, of course, but that would take years, to say nothing of all the shampoo you'll go through. Our long wigs give you the look and feel you're looking for right now, at an affordable price.

Depending on where you're from, what can actually be described as long hair varies. In some cultures shoulder length hair is considered long, while in others your hair isn't long until it's down to your waist! Men and women in the same culture usually have different standards for what constitutes long hair, as a style that may be short on a woman is actually considered long on a man. Either way, from an evolutionary standpoint, long hair is considered to be a sign of good health and fertility. This may be why many men are attracted to women with longer hair.

We don't know about the evolutionary advantages, but we do know that having long hair can be a blast! Rather than waiting years for yours to get to your desired length, grab one of our long hair wigs instead! A long wig in blonde is great for a Barbie costume, and a long hair wig that's curly is perfect for playing Shakira. At My Costume Wigs, we have long wigs is many different colors and styles, so you're sure to find something you love. If you don't have a costume party to go to, grab a long hair wig just for the fun of it!

All of our long hair wigs are made from the finest synthetic costume fibers, which can be styled just like real human hair. This makes our long wigs very versatile, as they can be placed in an up-do when you get tired of the long hair style. Orders over $70 ship free, so let your hair down and grab a long hair wig today.

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