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Pink Troll Wig
Lost In Translation
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Pink Bob Wig
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Lalaloopsy Wig
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Pink Wigs

This year, jazz up your hairstyle with one of our hot pink wigs from My Costume Wigs. As celebrities like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have shown us, pink wigs aren't just for Halloween any longer. Channel your inner celebrity musician and don one of our pink wigs this year. Of course, our pink costume wigs are also perfect for dressing up for All Hallows' Eve if you aren't quite ready to rock one on any regular old day. We have light pink wigs, hot pink wigs and every shade in between. Our pink wigs are all about having fun and showing off your unique sense of style. We have pink costume wigs that come in styles for clowns, colonial costumes and trolls. Whether you're a man or a woman or a little kid, we have pink wigs that'll look great on you for Halloween or just because. Try something different and wear one of our pink wigs today!

If you'd like to show your support for a great cause, purchase one of our pink wigs and wear it for breast cancer awareness. Many women are either dying their hair pink or wearing pink costume wigs as a way to get people's attention for breast cancer charities. Any of our hot pink wigs would be absolutely perfect for such an occasion. 2011 was the year for pink hair. Many of the top fashion designers were showcasing models on their runways that were sporting pink wigs. A pink wig is a punky fashion statement to make, and may be preferred by women more than other colors such as blue or green.

However, pink wigs and hair aren't just a new modern convention. At various times through the 1900s in the United States, France and England, women were sporting pink wigs. For instance, in 1914 in America, it became popular for women to dye their hair a bright pink. To emulate this style, you should choose one of our hot pink wigs in one of our many different styles. In England in 1960, even men begin to get in to the trend. In more recent times, Dennis Rodman is a man who's often seen sporting pink hair, as well as locks of numerous other colors.

All of our pink costume wigs are made of high quality fiber and will make you look just like the famous female musicians who so favor the color. Our pink wigs are also adjustable, so can be worn on any size head.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!