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Alonge Colonial WIg
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French King Wig
Captain Jack Sparrow  Wig
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Pirate Wigs

AAARGH! Iffen ya hafta be walkin' de plank, at least be doin' it wit flair, wearin' our prize pirate wigs! Alright, even if you're not walking the plank, just heading out for a night on the town, here you can find a quality pirate wig for women or men! One of the best parts about wearing pirate wigs is that pirates wore them, too! It's true, even scurvy pirates had fashion sense and pirate wigs were an everyday part of their flamboyant ensemble! Dressing up as a rogue or a lady walking the precarious side of the dock is just as popular as ever, and we have many a quality pirate wig for women and men to help you get just the right look! After all, no one knows how to revel better than a pirate! Be ye sailor or landlubber, plunder yourself a quality pirate wig for women or men today!

Infact, why not be plunerin' yourself several! Iffen you've got yerself a genuine pirate production to put on, you'll be needed a lot! We even be havin' pirate wigs wit de looks of such famous pirates as Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow (complete with beard). Don't let a crowd threatnin' to hang ya for puttin' on a play without the proper costumes! Be sure to appease them with by crownin' yer cast eit our quality pirate wigs for women and men! And if you spend more than $70 we'll ship 'em fer free! Ahhh, don't be disappointed. We sell 'em so cheap it's almost like stealin' anyway!

A pirate just isn't a pirate without a pirates wig! And a pirate's lady would never be proper without a wig of her own! The beautiful pirate wigs we have for the ladies will have those pirate gents' dueling across many a deck to win the fair hand of the woman wearing it! And don't worry ladies, just because a pirate wins the duel, he still has to earn your heart, no matter how good he looks in his dashing pirate wig!

So, whether your looking to plunder and pillage a costume party, give an authentic look to a theater production with our quality pirate wigs for women and men, or simply sweep the pirate lover of your choice of his or her feet, we've got you covered. At least, we've got your head covered. You'll have to find your own weapons for the duels you're sure to be challenged to after you don our pirate wigs!

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