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Ellen Degeneres Wig
Joan Rivers Wig
Conan O'Brien Wig
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Jay Leno Wig
Chelsea Handler Wig
Mr. Bean Wig
Larry David Wig
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Regis Philbin Wig
Howard Stern Wig
Kathy Griffin Wig
Martha Stewart Wig
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Dr. Phil wig
Tyra Banks Wig
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Talk Show Hosts

You'll be the funniest guy on TV with one of our talk show host wigs. Or, at the very least, you'll be the funniest guy at the office party. You're sure to get a laugh along with your candy when you trick or treat as Jay Leno, David Letterman, George Lopez, or any of the other late night comedic geniuses. Or go a little more serious as Oprah or another daytime talk show host. At, we have the best and coolest costumes you'll find anywhere.

It all starts and ends with the hair, and our Talk Show Host Wigs will have them talking about your costume long after the party is over and everyone's gone home. Orders are shipped fast and directly to your home or place of business. Team up with some friends and show up at the party as the whole lineup of talk show hosts. Orders over $70 ship absolutely free!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!