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Tinsel Wigs

Whether you're completing a clown outfit or just want something fun and a little zany by itself or to complete your costume, why not try one of our tinsel wigs? These tinsel wigs are built to grab attention and keep all eyes on you, bringing a little fun to any costume occasion. At My, you can find a colorful tinsel wig & costumes at great prices. We have all your wigs and accessories right here. So, whether you're just looking for the final piece to your own costume or trying to outfit a whole school or community theatre musical extravaganza, we have all the wigs you'll need. Tinsel wigs are also a great option if you don't have a costume. Plop a tinsel wig on your head, and voila, instant costume for Halloween or any other costume party. It's easy as can be to order all your wigs right here, online.

Hair tinsel is a very popular trend at the moment. Many stars are having strands of tinsel woven into their hair for a fun and glamorous night out on the town. Unfortunately, these hair extensions can be expensive and time-consuming - not to mention they might last a little longer than you'd prefer. If you want to join in on the tinsel trend but don't feel like being too committed, try on one of our tinsel wigs. We have colorful tinsel wig and costumes at great prices, so you don't have to break the bank just because you're trying to break the mold.

Tinsel wigs add a little disco to any situation. Bring back the days of Studio 54 with one of our many crazy tinsel wigs. Tinsel wigs aren't just for Halloween or costume situations either. They're perfect for a night of dancing with the ladies, especially if it's a bachelorette party! With our colorful tinsel wig and costumes at great prices, you can try out more than one tinsel wig. With the holidays quickly approaching, a tinsel wig is the perfect choice for your upcoming Christmas party. Blend in with the decorations by wearing a silver tinsel wig.

Unlike other tinsel wigs which break easily, My Costume Wigs' tinsel wigs are made durably and meant to last for many years. Show support for your school by purchasing a tinsel wig in one of your school colors, and wear it proudly to the next sporting event. No matter what you want to do with it, our tinsel wigs are sure to add sparkle to any situation.

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