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Treasure Troll Doll Costume Wigs

No one can forget the cute little troll dolls that took the world by storm in the 1960s. Since then, little kids everywhere have loved the rainbow haired little guys, and with our great array of troll wigs you can pay homage to this famous toy. At My Costume Wigs we have the largest troll wig selection online - anywhere! Now we offer three types of these popular troll wigs! Treasure Troll, Discount Troll and Pet Troll wigs.

From purple to green to every color in between, you'll be able to find the perfect troll wigs for your troll costume and a matching one for your pet! With the largest troll wig selection online we have troll wigs for kids and adults alike. Troll wigs are great because men and women of all ages can channel their inner child and dress up as a troll for Halloween. A belly button gem is the only other accessory needed for a fun, easy and inexpensive costume this year! Check out My Costume Wigs for the largest troll wig selection online - you won't be disappointed.

The troll doll first became popular in 1963 when a Danish man created one for his little girl. When other children spotted the doll, they had to have it. The fad quickly took Europe by storm, and moved over to the United States soon after. The dolls became popular again in the 1980s and 1990s, and are one of the most iconic toys around. When you pick up one of our troll wigs to wear for Halloween, you'll be instantly recognizable, and people of all ages will know exactly what you are. We're proud to say we have the largest troll wig selection online, so you shouldn't look anywhere else for the fun hairstyles of these cute little dolls.

Troll dolls were fun because they came dressed as all sorts of things, from doctors and wizards to cowboys and astronauts. With one of our troll wigs, you can make a truly versatile Halloween costume which can serve you well for more than one year. As long as you switch up your troll's occupation, you can use your troll wig over and over again. With the largest troll wig selection online, you'll be shocked at how many different troll wigs we carry - it might even make your own hair stand up in surprise!

Our troll wigs come in many different colors and are made to fit any size head, so both adults and children can have a fun time dressing up as one of these adorable mischief makers. If you have a group, we offer free shipping on orders over $50, so be sure to grab a troll wig for the whole family!

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