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Red Vampire
Retail Price:$27.00
Sale Price:$18.00
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Retail Price:$50.00
Sale Price:$29.00
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Long Vampire Wig
Wolfman Vampire Wig
Classic Vampire Wig
Count Dracula Wig
Retail Price:$33.00
Sale Price:$21.00
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Retail Price:$65.00
Sale Price:$41.00
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Retail Price:$45.00
Sale Price:$32.00
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Retail Price:$30.00
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Long Vamp Wig
Bride Of Dracula Wig
Monster Bride Wig
Retail Price:$30.00
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Retail Price:$40.00
Sale Price:$28.00
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Retail Price:$47.00
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Vampire Wigs

From the Twilight series, to True Bloodâthere's no denying that a vampire costume is one of the hottest trends for Halloween. At, we've got an impressive vampire wig collection that you can really sink your teeth into.

Our vampire wigs feature top-quality construction for a wig that will last almost an eternity. We have great Twilight wigs, from Edward Cullen to Bella Swan. For True Blood fans, our Eric Northman and Bill Compton wigs make it easy to transform into your favorite TV vamp. Our vampire wig collection also features top quality traditional vampire wigs, for a classic Count Dracula costume.

We also have stunning long vampire wigs, perfect for a vampire high priest or priestess costume. Each top-quality wig is available at prices much lower than what you'll find in Halloween shops, guaranteed. So when you want a vampire wig that looks so realistic, you'll have people clutching their garlic and crucifixes, check out our awesome vampire wig collection.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!